"Wunderworld" is more a toy than a real game. Make your own adventure, within a tiny dungeon!


BEWARE: The webplayer version will save your levels in the registry (under Windows at least). With the standalone, you can trade levels with your friends (levels are saved in the "levels" folder within the data folder)!


Controls Edit Mode:
WASD/RMB/ScrollWheel - Movement
Q/E - Change Slice
LeftClick - Edit
RightClick - Pick Template
T - Test Level
F5/F8 - Quicksave/load

Controls Game Mode:
WASD/Mouse - Movement
LeftClick - Attack
Space - Jump
T - Stop Test

Tip: Don't make levels larger than 20x20x20 or so, this version is highly unoptimized.


UPDATE: I uploaded an updated version on Kongregate (see above), so the Mac mouse movement is fixed in there, it has a preset level, and you can delete a level now. Also stairs and lava were added. UPDATE2: The Kongregate version now has the option to share a level with your friends! Please try it out and post a level in the comments. ;-)

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