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You are space station computer which gained self-awareness. Now you have to take control of the whole station by hacking robots and zombifying humans …

See it as the evolution of SHODAN. :P And yeah, the game is a bit unfinished; there could be so much more stuff and so much less bugs. Sorry for that.


WASD/ARROWKEYS - move camera around
SCROLLWHEEL - zoom camera
SPACE - freeze time (very important)
E - activate chase cam (deactivate with camera movement)
LEFT CLICK - select minion / current minion goes to target / attack
RIGHT CLICK - minion patrols between current tile and target
LEFT CLICK HOLD - make a minion out of a dying or overheating character
ESCAPE - menu

  • MADE BY -

Jana Reinhardt (Graphics)
Bjoern Grunewald (Graphics)
Friedrich Hanisch (Programming)
Music: "I am your product" by Roald Strauss (

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