10 Yards Alone

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Ten Yards Alone

This game follows most rules of American Football, the target audience would likely know the basic rules already. However here is my poor attempt at teaching the unprepared:

Fourth quarter and your entire team has been completely injured, physically and emotionally. You dig deep and find the will to carry on. With practice equipment.

Space to snap the ball into the throwing machine.
Space again when ready, for the machine to toss the ball.
Arrow keys for movement. Sneak a run without snapping.

Avoid your opponents and try to score; (RUN UP)

An interception will take time off the game clock.
Failure to convert on 4th down will:
- Lead to a punt return.
- < 20 on far field; give the AWAY team 6 points
- < 40 on far field; give the AWAY team 3 points
- Make your life, as lonely as it is, more difficult.


User/config.cfg allows you to change the window size, fullscreen etc- AS WELL as the starting points for the AWAY team and how long the game will last. Hope you enjoy.

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