Portal Miner

External entryMade for Ludum Dare 32

You are a mineral miner of the future, travelling to distant asteroid fields to collect resources. After finding the collection process to be slow with travelling, you've unleashed a weapon; the portal, to collect and process each resource immediately.

The job is still dangerous, so don't collide into the asteroids with your ship!

Good luck and please give us feedback!

NOTE: If you are on Windows missing OpenGL32.dll there is a link to the redistributable in the readme.txt or here: http://openal.org/creative-installers/oalinst.zip

The game was made by:

Programming: Tim "BlackBird" Beaudet
Art: Sonia "Dizzy" Augier
Audio: Jeremy "Mmango" Bell - https://soundcloud.com/jbellstudios

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