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We present you with, Burden. Our game follows a woman’s journey through her past, as she is chased by her traumatic and guilt-ridden memories of the plane crash that killed her family. She was the only survivor.

Keys: Up/Down or W/S

The game does get faster as it goes on, and there is an ending that you won't want to miss!

Programming: Tim "BlackBird" Beaudet
Audio: Jeremy "Mmango" Bell
Visuals: Daniel "MechanicalLife" Akesson

Please leave a comment of your thoughts they mean a lot to us, we use your feedback to learn and improve our skills, thanks for playing!

--- Aug 26th ---
We have made 1 small change post LudumDare that was a feature we developed for Level Development just now being used for a checkpoint system. It was a 5 minute fix that will hopefully allow more people to see the end of the game because it gets pretty hard. If this feature was not already written for level development we would not have added it now. If this is too much of a change for voting the original copy is still linked so you can vote on that. No other changes were made except the addition of checkpoints at distances 750, 500, 250 from the end.

--- Aug 30th ---
If you are experience an issue with the game starting up try to make sure that you have VC runtime installed and OpenAL drivers installed, and if that doesn't work double check your GPU drivers are up to date.

VC runtime: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555
OpenAL Drivers: http://openal.org/downloads/oalinst.zip

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