Hive Alive!

NOTE I have fixed some game-breaking bugs with this game (the title-text wouldn't appear and game-overs weren't registered).


Warning: Some sound effects may be a bit harsh for those with headphones on.


I didn't have time to add a tutorial (or barely anything beyond the game…), and it's a turn based strategy, so this might be a long text. Sorry! 😅

The goal is to keep the patch of flowers, and the bees alive for as many turns as possible.


  • … eat flowers.
  • … will move 1 spot every turn.
  • … prefer to move to a flower (and eat it), but otherwise move randomly.
  • … start with 2 hp. (This can be seen if the blue cursor/indicator is over them in the lower right corner.)
  • … can be stung by a bee, and will loose a hp. Also, this'll kill the bee. (So, need to be stung twice to be removed from play.)
  • … will spawn every 11 turns, in one of the holes.


  • … get eaten by bunnies.
  • … need to be there in both kinds, otherwise it's game over.
  • … will 'split' (reproduce) into one pink and one white one, if brought pollen of the other color. (The original flower will then dissappear.)
  • … the player can choose the location of the pink flower when split, the white one will spawn on the opposite side of the selected hex. (Unless there isn't an empty flower pot there!) That is, the cursor/indicator will turn pink for the placement of the pink flower, and there'll be a corresponding white indicator on the opposite hex if the white one can be placed.


  • … can pick up pollen from a flower. (This is the white or pink colored diamond icon in the lower right corner, if the cursor is on a bee.)
  • … can only pick up one type of pollen at a time. (The other type will be erased.)
  • … will 'split' (reproduce) a flower when carrying pollen from the opposite color instead of taking pollen.
  • … each can move once per turn. This uses up nectar. If a bee can't move any more that turn, the arrow in the lower right will turn into a stop-sign.
  • … start with 5 nectar. (See the lower right corner if the cursor is on a bee.)
  • … die when out of nectar.
  • … can fully refill nextar at a hive (or not lose one the turn they gather pollen, but not when splitting a flower).
  • … will spawn every 9 turns, at one of the hives.
  • … can attack a bunny for 1 hp, but will then die.


  • … are blue and floaty to indicate that they are the hex the cursor is now on.
  • … are green when when they indicate that something can be selected.
  • … are red when they indicate that a bee can attack a bunny.
  • … are pink when a bee can visit a flower of that color or when splitting a flower, indicate where the pink offspring flower is going to be.
  • … (the same goes for white…)
  • … are blue (and not floaty) when a bee can go to a hive to refill nectar.

How many turns can you last?

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