Train Of Fire

_ This may be 'a bit' late but: _ ** On further thought I'm not really happy with this game, please skip reviewing it and let someone else have a score. Thank you. **

Get the train moving, but at what cost?

Made for LDJam#43, with the theme 'Sacrifices Must Be Made'.

(Includes a very buggy level editor.)

Move the train all the way to the left, press left or right (or 'A' and 'D') to make it go.
It will need fuel though, so better burn those valuables in the crates.
To burn fuel, light up crates and boxes. Once they're all the way gone, it gets added to the meter top-right.
To see what you've burned, keep an eye on the messages in the lower part of the screen.


  • Too slow? Press space or enter to turn off the special effects. NOTE: This was added while building the Windows version, after the Jam! Wether this makes the Windows version 'Post-Jam' or counts as a bugfix is up to you to decide.
  • Stuck? Press 'R' to restart.

Level Editor:

Even more buggy than the game itself! :-)

  • Press '[' (right-bracket) to unlock debug functionality.
  • Press 'L' to switch between level and editing.
  • Press 'R' reload the level. Warning! If you haven't saved, this will undo all your work!
  • Use the mouse to place objects, joints (non-visible helper objects) are selected by default.
  • Press '1' to select Joint-placement. Click to place.
  • Press '0' to switch between creation and deletion. You only delete (or place) the thing you've got selected.
  • Floors, planks and 'slabs' can be selected by pressing '2' through '4' respectively. Click on 2 already placed joints to select them.
  • Crates and 'stones' can be selected by pressing '5' and '6' respectively. Click to place.
  • Press '7' to select the train. Click replaces the position. Can't be erased.
  • Press '8' to select lanterns. Click to place.
  • Press '9' to switch between snap-to-grid and freeform (not recommended).
  • Press '-' (minus) to select the exit. Click replaces the position. Can't be erased.
  • Press space or enter to overwrite the level. Warning! This can't be undone!

Beware! Deleting objects that are attached to joints before deleting the joints can cause a crash!

Other Notes:

Not really happy with this one (especially since it took me 3 days), but we'll see what it does. Curious as to what you all think! :-)

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