Attempt to destroy the goal-block in each level to progress.
You can only (re)place the blocks already within the designated areas.

Game uses keyboard only (mouse only focuses or closes window).

In menu:

  • down/up to select option
  • press z or space to confirm selection
  • x quits the game

During Gameplay:

  • arrow keys to move the cursor
  • press z to swap a block with your inventory (lower right of screen)
    this only works in the greenish areas of course…
  • space to start the action, or switch back to 'design'
  • press x to open menu

The game itself has NOT been edited after the inital upload,
all edits where to 'description', 'judge-catagories'
and the 'name'-field.
(As I thought the form was asking for my name instead of the games')


  • Removed 'audio' from judge-catagories: no music and little sound


  • Added description of key-presses to 'Description'
  • Removed 'mood' from judge-catagories.
  • Also added description of edits to description.


  • Accidentaly added my own name instead of the games, fixed.

EDIT4 (2015-04-26):

  • Thank you for all the kind feedback!
    Your comments match almost exactly with what my friends
    (and colleages) say when they see/play the game :-)
    The first level does seem to be too hard, which is a shame,
    because the subject (and puzzlers in general) actually need(s)
    a faily gentle introduction, so I can imagine it being confusing!
    Also, a good description of the game may be in one of the comments:
    it /is/ best to think about it as building a
    Rube Goldberg(ian)-machine, with limited operating space.
    I'm less tired now, so my English may be a tad better to follow :-)
    Now to resume judging the other entires!
  • Fixed 'instaed -> instead' typo in the description.
  • Moved (and altered) the 'none of the edits…'
    comment to above the actual edits.

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