Familiar's Shape

[ ETA 2nd, day after: added Win32 and Linux versions :-)
No other changes where made other than those neede to run on those platforms after the nasty bug I fixed during submissions hour (which was 'ETA 1st')!

From Compo To Jam To Something 4/5 Finished…

You are the familiar of a wizard.
For some unexplained reason you're fighting through a gauntlet of monsters.
Keyboard controls only.
Help screen missing :-(

Top bar (red) = enemy health.
Bottom bar (green) = your health.

Green squares are the wizards next turns (Actions), you can influence those by suggestions :-)

Red squares are the opponents next Actions. You can influence those with the cat-special :-)

Beware of weather effects (… as they are basically invisible…) :-/

Each shape has it's own specialities:

Cat-Special = Switch Opponent Action 2 and 3
Wolf-Sepcial = All out attac kwith lower defence
Turtle-Special = Hide in shell
Bird Special = Lower opponents attack

Cat-Suggest = 3rd Action of wizard becomes attack
Wolf-Suggest = 3 Action of wizard becomes cold weather
Turtle-Suggest = 3rd Action of wizard becomes heal
Bird-Suggest = 3rd Atction of Wizard becomes return weather to normal

visible waether effect missing :'-( :'-(

I solemly swear never to usee an unfamiliar engine again.
For real this time.

It's still /possible/ to have fun with this, and the final compile was around 2:59, so I'm loading up anyway :-)

((Will try to make Win_x32 and Linux versions on tuesday, Euro-time.))

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