Mega Mecha Control Room

Move: right, left, up or space

Push all the buttons and sliders in the control room (lower half of the screen) get your mecha to move ('on TV' top half of the screen).

leftmost button: move backwards
next button: move forwards
slider: rotate shooty bit
next button: fire
rightmost thingy: repair mecha, max 8 hearts, wait until 'refreshed' (doen't climb any more)

Most dissapointing fact: there where supposed to be 2 more monster types, but for some reason they won't spawn, making the game a whole lot less challenging… If only I had an hour or two more ;-)

Originally I was going to say 'you can add your hi-score in the comments' … but it may be too easy? Or at least if you know what you're doing ;-)

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