WASD & Mouse to navigate

Icequarium is a procedural simulation that represents what it can mean to claim, protect, and occupy space. In a procedurally generated arctic landscape, lava is slowly covering the land. There are little creatures that live in the low lying areas that they cannot protect. The stewards try to build up barriers to protect the little creatures' space that the lava is looking to claim.

As you fly through the world and observe the Icequarium, you will notice that everything has it's own voice. In the beginning, it is easy to hear the little creatures' voice because there are many of them but as the lava propagates, so does it's sound and the little creatures become difficult to find. The barriers that the stewards are able to build in time have their own hopeful songs.

This game was made in 14 hours for the following game jams:

Feb Fatale 7: Presence Tense
Theme: What it means for people who live and work on the margins to take up space.

Alakajam 8
Theme: Depth

Made by:
Coley Caverley (@coleycaves)
Nathan Powless-Lynes (@npowlesslynes)
Mike Romaniak (@mikeromaniak)

Comments (2)

 • 9 months ago • 

It's funny how small, even petty, personal preferences can change so much. I couldn't stand the buzzing sound the flying ones made (I even preferred the sound of the lava to them). To me, the experience became more about finding some barriers & other quiet places, then going up and looking at it all from above. (Or below, since you can clip through…) Just picking a spot not near any creature and soaking in the atmosphere was the best part. (Also props for doing procgen during a jam.)

  • 9 months ago • 

Thats interesting! Thanks for taking the time to play and pass along some feedback :)

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A procedural icequarium about what it means to claim, protect, and occupy space.