Turbo Boom! Towering Edition

Race a rally car on towering tracks filled with explosive obstacles!

Turbo Boom! is my long term project (2.5 months in development so far) and for Alakajam I spent the weekend trying to create new tracks some of them even using the Towering theme. The water doesn't do so well near the corners as height increases, but, the levels were fun to create.

Online leaderboards are contained within.

You can join the development live from my indie development livestream every morning from 6am to 9am eastern.

NOTE: The first 5 levels were not created during the Alakajam event but were left in as somewhat training/warmup levels. Levels 6 to 15 were created for Alakajam 7.

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Andy Bae
(@im_a_good_boye) • 4 years ago • 

Hey I think I saw you streaming one time ;] Wouldn't really call this a jam entry but it's fun. Took a bit to figure out how to handle the car but once I got it, it felt pretty good. Some of the later levels are confusing as to where you are supposed to go and in level 12 there's a weird glitch where you can suddenly win out of nowhere.

  • 4 years ago • 

Yea many of the levels are not polished, some were experiments that I decided failed before completing them entirely, but wanted to share in case OTHERS had impression they were doing better than I expected. Thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback!

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