Challenge your opponent in a duel to the death!

Choose between three character and play in three random arenas in local multiplayer or vs cpu.

Player 1:
move: WASD
melee/parry: T
ranged: R (keep pressed to charge)

player 2:
​melee/parry:​ P
ranged: O (keep pressed to charge)

With an accurate timing the melee attck can work as a parry able to reflect any ranged spell back to the opponent​.


Local multi-player competitive game.





Comments (5)

13 days ago

I couldnt really get this to work very well, i liked what i saw however, very cool artwork!

13 days ago

This was fun to play, the bugs on the animations made it for a laugh without impacting the gameplay at all.

13 days ago

menù for two players is a bit clunky, you have to select two characters and add them to the queue. After that press the 2players button if you want to play with a friend in local, or don't press it if you want to play with the ai. then press play to start the game
have fun

13 days ago

Hey ! Good job with this Godot Game ^^ i made my game on this editor too. The animations works well and it was really fun to play. You should work on the main menu and the character selection :D

11 days ago

Cool game ! It's impressive you managed to put 3 characters, coop multiplayer and an AI within one week end !

I liked the animation even if the character consistency wasn't very stable. The count's deflect was definitely my favourite.

The mechanics aren't the most accurate but they work pretty well and the game is quite fun. An end screen (game over / win) would ba a nice addition and the UI to go back to the menu isn't very visible so I quit and restarted the game the first time.

Both music tracks are very good, well done if you made them yourselves !

Overall this is a neat entry and you can be proud of yourselves !

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