zombie game prototype

basicly its a side scroller 2d zombie shooter prototype.
it has 3 guns,two powerup types and 3 enemy types.
i didnt have time to do more.

i wanted to have a level up system and weapon/upgrade shop etc.
but i fell victem to scope creep again, you would think i would learn
after 3 times (but my first jam was good).


this time i used my java slick2d game framework to create this one.
had wierd bugs when i converted it to exe (but worked out in the end).
it was a very smooth devlopment. too bad i didnt have a detailed specification document
for the project. could of saved me alot of time.
finaly it was a good learning experience, next time ill make somthing better.


shot everything that moves. dont stand in one place, didnt make any animations
so no attack animation, but its not insta damege on contact, you can outrun every enemy.
switch weapons when you run out, weapons reload even if you dont equip them, i made this on perpuse
(like a overheated weapon mechanic). shotgun can take two enemies in a row.
ammo powerup reloads instantly and twice the ammo (for one time).


movement: a-d or arrow keys
shot: space
previous/next weapon: q-e
pause: p


*eclipse ide
*my game framework
*my java sprite maker (still in devlopment but works good, will upload to github soon)

final thoghts:

give me youre feadback . on the game code etc.

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Caique Assis
(@caiqueassis) • a year ago


So, playing it for the first time, I got a little lost on how it worked, but in my second run I got the idea. But even then, the game was lacking. The gameplay was there and all, but it wasn't that much fun, sadly.

Maybe if the game had a little more "juice", like sound effects, some screen-shaking, etc…that would have helped.

Still, it's a completed game for a jam in 48 hours. And that's something!

a year ago

your right. my time ran out, and i had to prepere everything for publish before the time ran out.
i had to scrape alot of my plans.
i havent thoght of screen shake , forgot about it. as you know its just a timer and camera random movments.shod have implemented this.
also no muzzle flash for guns, and color blink effect on hit and melee attack etc. game design 101 .
this game has potential to go in meany direction i wish i had the money to not work and do this all day…
i had to focuse on balance more then on fun so ill at least have a playeble prototype.
again its mostly a lack of time problem. but you gave a good feedback than you.

a year ago

Its a pretty entertaining game in terms of gameplay, I think that it's fun to see how long I can survive before succumbing to the massive horde of zombies. But as @caiqueassis said, it needs more polishing "juice" like animation and sound effects to appeal to the players eyes and ears. Overall though, good job!

a year ago

Simple but functional prototype. I like that little knockback when zombies get hit. It's nice that you have 3 weapon types but i feel like there is no point in using pistol or shotgun as they are slower / don't have the range as SMG does. Still pretty neat game to play for few minutes.

a year ago

i know . but sadly im a programmer not an artist/animator or music composer

the smg is the small zombie mawer, the handgun is a fallback incase you run out of bullets, the shotgun is for taking out two in a row or bigger targets (didnt mange to implement it and i wanted the generic shotgun if only as a proof of consept).

shod of made a generic boss too but again no time. but it was fun all the way.

a year ago

Nice game! It is a working example. If you have the time, you should definitely polish this game. Add some background graphics (for reference when moving), perhaps a parallax scrolling layer. I like the alien-zombie enemies. Multiple enemy types would be great, like a very fast runner and a bullet-spongy type. You could also add some particles and a screenshake to make it super juicy.

a year ago

@Laguna this game can be taken in any direction. an even better game design idea is to add perks,unlocables,throphis and some kind of level up system.
for more short range thing a power meater that the player needs to fill this can add at least a few more minutes of gameplay.
sadly my big problem is art. ill need to figure out how to get some or buy some.

a year ago

This is awesome! Played it multiple times, you should keep working on it, even tho you don't work on it that often, you could slowly build it up to something great! To bad you didn't had that much time,

Keep us tuned if you get to update it. . . I love how the zombies that fall from above don't fall directly on top of you, instead they fall a little bit to the side. . . nice design there. Not sure of how it fits the theme though.

Nice Job!

a year ago


thank you im glad you aprriciate my work (as a programer). i have plans for this and other games. i first need better art and sound (music,effects) i also need to program effects (and alot more). ill need to find an atist etc.

the falling zombies are actualy hovering/flying i wanted an enemy you cant hit until his close, which will force the player to move.
didnt have time to think of the theme just started codeing.

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just a prototype didnt have time to do more


download github(source)