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ReactorScram • 3 days ago 

What went wrong?

  • Wasted time writing boilerplate that should have been base code
  • Should have brought in Tiled editor immediately
  • Base code didn't have audio, didn't end up shipping any
  • I might have RSI? Typing all weekend hurts like hell
  • Wasted time on the snakes when they don't really have any place in gameplay
  • Didn't build gameplay around "Give the player interesting decisions" and "Give the player a reason not to press the button" principles. The game isn't really challenging, even slightly
  • Wasted warm-up weekend building a web service that I didn't end up shipping
  • Wasted time on making a resizable canvas which didn't work and didn't ship

What went right?

  • Learned how to use TypeScript and work around JavaScript's footguns. So now all my games can be HTML5
  • Kind-of ECS turned out okay
  • Flavor text was fun to write
  • Premise is high-concept, avant-garde, and post-modern, maybe I'll re-use it
  • Pathfinding only has non-critical bugs in it
  • Probably a personal record for most diversity of NPCs and interactive objects in any game I've made
  • Recorded video of the jam, which I could make into a timelapse or something
  • The object layer in Tiled was really helpful, resulting in a much more complex game map than any of my older games
  • First game I've made with multiple levels
  • State machine for level progress and transitions works pretty well
  • The game is generally architected a little better than my older games

What can I do different next time?

  • For warm-up weekend, make sure the base code can play sound and load maps from Tiled
  • Review video during warm-up weekend
  • Focus on "What does the player do? What's the fun part?" from the start
  • Refactor ECS so it's easier to use

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ReactorScram • 10 days ago 

I took a break from jams a few years ago, and I want to try again now.

This time I'll be using TypeScript and HTML5 for all the 'game' stuff, and maybe a Rust web backend.

Base code's here:

I want to make a generic Rust backend for spectating games, and I'll reuse some of the TypeScript boilerplate, but none of the assets or game logic.

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