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laaph • 3 years ago on Feedback Fortnight 2020 

There are four days left for Feedback Fortnight! If you haven't played all the games and left some commentary, now is the time to do so! Of course we won't get angry if you do this five days from now, but then you'll have missed the event, your comments won't comment for karma on the game you've submitted yourself, and you'll miss some (but not all) of the fun!

I've turned off submissions to the event. If you really really really want your game submitted and were just waiting until that bug was fixed and I closed submissions just a little too early, feel free to contact me to get your game submitted. However, in this situation, you've missed two and a half weeks when you could have been getting feedback!

So far things have been going well with lots of commentary on all the games (that I've been looking at)! I said I would play all games that can run on my computer, I haven't yet, I did play a bunch, but I will play them soon!

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