Crystal Ninja

Gather crystals as you escape the ever-approaching Wall of Doom!

Do you want to get rich FAST???

Here's our PROVEN method!

  1. Enter the Chamber of Death.
  2. Go right.
  3. Collect crystals on your way.
  4. Eventually, you'll end up where you started.
  5. Escape back out to keep your crystals forever!
  6. If you happen to die, you can re-collect your crystals.
  7. But if you die again, your previous crystals despawn for good, so watch out!


Mouse + LMB.  Click and hold to hook yourself onto a wall, release to fall back down. It's really that simple!

If you want an extra challenge, try increasing the Game Speed, Wall Speed, Obstacle Count or Gravity at the Terminal at the top of the hub! You can only do that once you buy the Padlock Key from the Barkeep, though.

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