Election Simulator 2019 Island Edition

You are a young aspiring politician, ready to mix up the politics of Mariama, a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. You start with no voters, no one knows you, and honestly, no one cares about you (in politics). Gain popularity by buying ads or taking to shoutr.io to make some noise on social media. But take care, sometimes people will misunderstand what you write.

By strategically working through the ranks you can become president of Mariama! Start with a cozy job in the parliament, move up to minister for dinosaurs, and increase your political power. Having already some political office helps to get elected in higher offices.

A hint for shoutr.io messages: try to write positive things with a lot of positive words in it. Also, people love it if you mention them or their city.

If the web version stays black just reload the page

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