Shibbal the Pig

Play as a piggy bank trying to save money


Shibbal the Pig is a small sidescroller where you play as a living piggy bank with a hammer, battling your way through to the end of each level.

As you move, coins will slowly drop out of Shibbal’s body through the slot on his back, and hits make him drop even more. Be careful, as it’s game over if you lose them all! Don’t despair though, as there are plenty of coins to be found in bags and on enemies around each level of the Concord Domain. In addition, getting to the end of a level may give you the chance to upgrade your weapon in exchange for some of your coins.

Good luck!


Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move, SPACE to jump up to two times, and X to attack.

Requires Java 8 or above


kpCFTSZ - Programming, Art, Audio Aeron Greva - Programming, Level Design, Art

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