Sphere Co.™

I honestly didn't think I would actually complete this…
Just as a disclaimer, I wasn't able to use the theme this time around. Mostly for technical reasons.

Click the screenshots if you want a better view of the game. The site kinda compressed them a little bit.



Sphere Co.™ is a game where you're part of a research center with your supervisor, Violet. However, the workers at the facility have gotten a bit too 'experimental' with altering lifeforms, thus creating enemies which have invaded the research center. Your goal in this game is to get rid of them so the center can return to functioning normally. To do this, you use a gun which expands your strength upon attack (when it's low). Whenever you die, you're sent right back to the beginning of the game (didn't have enough time to implement checkpoints).

W/A/S/D to move around.
C to advance dialogue.
SPACE to shoot.

Requires Java 7 or above.
Hope you enjoy!


SphereCo v1.1

  • Fixed Linux bug where the config loader crashes the game.
  • Fixed entities always rendering on top of the player.
  • Fixed NTSC shader which didn't make it into the original.

You can still run the original if you wish, just note that it'll be really buggy.

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