Snood crossed with Sudoku! Who thought that was a good idea?

How to play: Use your snood powers to remove everything but one piece per box. In every horizontal row, each piece should be unique. In every vertical row, each piece should be unique.

What is unfinished: I didn't finish little check marks at the sides of each row of boxes and and columns of boxes telling you that you are doing good. I did finish identifying what is in each box, but that only appears on the debug build. :p I also didn't finish the implementation of levels. The code has it so that it will generate from a 3x3 to a 9x9 grid depending on a variable, but without a level select screen to set that variable it's hard coded.

Thank you all for looking at it! Sorry to take four days to update and fix everything! Well actually I fixed nothing but updated the documentation and fixed itch up. But the game is still in the unfinished state.

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