Finding your loved one

Finding your loved one Shrink and grow and jump all over the world to find your way.

Story by Laaph, code by Laaph and McFearless, art by Evrim, yet another game where sound is an afterthought. I'd like to opt out of sound judging, since no one on this team did sound.

Just a few bugs you are likely to encounter:

  • Blue enemies should be squishable. I don't know why they aren't.
  • The yellow enemies and hitboxes are all wonky. I know why, and fixing that might fix the blue problem, but even so it's awful.
  • The controls are dreadful. I followed the tutorial on the Unity website.
  • Due to time crunching, only the first level has background music, and there is no other sound.
  • And the other bug that irritates me to no end, the button at the end of the game that says "Restart Game", does not work!


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