Adventure, Level 2

This is not quite a successor to my previous Ludum Dare entry, but rather a re-imagining of the second level. Despite the similarities, all assets were painstaking redone by hand, including the blue box, and this time I even got the bug of the arrow on his head to not fade away and always be pointing the correct direction! You can refresh your memory of that game at

Unfinished business: The floor does not explode in a spectacular fashion as planned, but rather disappears. The win condition was hard enough for me to achieve so it has been poorly tested. There are lots of typos through out; please forgive me. The text was done with 640x480; if you run it at different resolutions, the score will appear in funny places. Documentation notice: I say something about ten second timer on each room, but what I had meant is that for each room you get ten seconds, and the timer doesn't reset if you re-enter a room - the timer is at whatever you left it at.

A postmortem won't be done for at least a week, and that is likely when I'll start rating games - I'm not available next week (and I shouldn't have taken the time to do this - but you know what - it was worth it).

Cheers and thanks for playing! Everyone who leaves a comment gets their game rated! I am quite curious to find out if any one can get a perfect score.

Alakajam edit: Links are broken, please stand by until I fix them.

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