You Only Get One

Pachinko! It's not actually pachinko, it's much closer to Peggle, but no one corrected me until after I was done making the game.

  • I think I did a good job sticking to the theme. :p
  • Justin Beiber is included.
  • So is Batman.
  • There is no killing in this game. I hadn't meant to meet this goal; I thought the goal was "no violence"; there is one bit of violence inspired by a video game that was so violent it caused politicians to discuss banning video games.
  • This was all done in 48 hours
  • This is being submitted to the Jam; I may have "bent some rules"
  • All programming done by me.
  • Most art was done by me, except the backgrounds. And Beiber. And Batman. But I made those nice pegs! And all the old man sprites.
  • Sound was created by cxfr and Audacity, except the voice that was cribbed from the aforementioned well known video game.
  • Don't trust the man behind the curtain.
  • The web version requires the Unity Web Player.
  • There is a bug, that lets you continue before all balls are released. I don't know why. It shouldn't affect game play much.
  • Sometimes it releases double balls, as well. In that case, enjoy!
  • I haven't tested the Linux version. Let me know if it works in the comments.

It's pachinko! Want something else? NO! You only get one!

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