Jewel Thief

You are a jewel thief and must navigate tricks and traps and (I call them turtles but they could be anything) guards to get to the jewel! Figure out the right combination of switches to get past the gates and trick floors.

Notes: The jewel itself and the hero are both taken from You may want to take this as a lesson, that place-holder art will make it in to the final game. The "cube wallpapers" are taken from Ludum Dare wallpaper page. The upvote buttons are also taken from the Ludum Dare. :) The snowman and kitten are from the Mac emoji. All other art was done for this jam during the weekend.

Oh, and the background is actually a photo of my jacket.

My friend identified as Steel Phoenix did the art for the cat and the snowman, all other artwork was done by me.

Bugs: I think that there are some, but I can't remember what they are now.

Controls: left/right to move left/right, space to jump, and left-control to activate levers.

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