Life of the Party

You are the life of the party! Jump on the roof, muddle about confusing controls, walk up to people, and dance to get them to dance!

Controls: Z and X. Z moves up-right OR down-left. It alternates between pressings. X moves up-left OR down-right. Again, each time you press it, it alternates.

Dancers: Each dancer has a secret code (composed of Z's and X's) that you must dance to get them to dancing. Walk up to them to see their secret code. When they start dancing, they have a certain amount of energy (seconds) that they will keep dancing for. You are such a life of the party, that when you are close while they are dancing, you'll increase their energy! They'll tell you their energy when you get close. The energy maxes out at ten, in case you were wondering why they say "10" to you all the time.

Get everyone dancing to pass the level!

Teams! This was a large team.
Me: Programming
Chris: Programming
Magdalene Rose (twitter @codename_nycea): Character sprite art
Warren: Background art
Will Bucknam (twitter @voicetoname web Audio for level 1 and opening screen

All other audio was found on the internet.

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