Shot! Shot!

We write the year 1848 in a small town called Deadwood in South Dakota. As the last sheriff died in an unfortunate poker accident last week, the town is looking for a new sheriff. As the laws of the time direct, the new guy shall be decided by a drinking match. Each candidate spends an afternoon in the saloon with the town drunk. The contender which was able to drink the most before the town drunk passes out wins and shall be the new sheriff. The rules do not say anything about the use of weapons (except that technically a dead person can not pass out anymore).

Note While there is a web version it is advised to play the downloadable game. The web version does not support high scores and may encounter some unique bugs.

How to play

In the main menu, press space to start the game. At the bottom you will see some string. You have to type this string in order to take a shot. With the mouse you can aim. The more drunk you get, the harder it is to aim. You can shoot the other guy's shot glass to gain some time. But you shall not hit him, otherwise the game is over and you get a hefty penalty. If you want to reload, press space and fill in the rounds into the empty holes. Press space again to get back. Should you wish to mute the music you can do so with tab.

The game ends as soon as the other guy passes out or he gets shot. Your score is determined by the amount of alcohol you have in your blood when the game ends. You can enter your name by just typing and using backspace to delete stuff. With enter you can submit your score.

Special rules

To make the game even more fun, we have some special rules

You need:

  • The game "Shot! Shot!"
  • A shot glass
  • An (alcoholic) beverage of your choice

Whenever your in-game character takes a shot, take a shot yourself. Can you keep up?


All code and assets (excluding music) were made by Matteo Signer and Benjamin Schmid. Music by Kevin MacLeod ( When judging in the audio category only judge sound effects as the music was not made by us during the jam.


The HTML5 build does not support high scores and might have some bugs. Use the downloadable game for the best experience.

To run the game download Löve (version 11.1 is preferred, 0.10.2 should work as well) for your platform and then open the downloaded .love file with Löve. For Windows you can also download a complete bundle which already includes Löve.

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