Student Loan Simulator 2017 Ramen Edition

Play as an aspiring young student. Experience the joy of taking out a loan to pay your bills. 🍜


  • Fast, engaging gameplay
  • More than 1800 different companies sending you bills
  • 40 different credit institutions to choose from
  • Online high score: compete against the best from all around the world
  • HD Textures
  • More than 600 lines of hand crafted Lua code
  • Made with Löve

How to play

  • Choose a bill on the left to open it
  • Click the pay button to pay the bill
  • Should you run out of money take out a loan using the button on the right (the percentage is the interest you will pay on this loan)
  • Make sure you don't miss the due date of a bill
  • If you miss a due date you will get a notice (with some added fees)
  • If you miss a notice the company will impawn something worth twice the bill amount
  • Don't run out of money, otherwise you lose
  • Beat the high score


  • Art: Matteo Signer
  • Code: Benjamin Schmid


The HTML5 build does not support high scores and might have some bugs. Use the downloadable game for the best experience.

To run the game download Löve for your platform and then open the downloaded .love file with Löve. For Windows you can also download a complete bundle which already includes Löve.

Post Jam Fixes

  • Forgot April in calendar
  • Fix dialog title background

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