TrainSim 4000

In "TrainSim 4000" it is your job to build and manage a train network!

This Game is only a prototype to demonstrate gameplay, there are no fancy graphics and the scope of delivery is really small, no manual or tutorial, heck, not even a title screen ;) So be sure to read the manual you find below.


You start with a clean Map with a few Cities (blue rectangles) and a few hills (gray rectangles). It is your job to connect the cities so that the trains can deliver their freight. Trains will travel autonomously (they take always the shortest path), so you only have to provide the tracks. Your goal is to reach a certain amount of money.
If there are too many trains on a given track, they will wait there until there are less trains on this track. You can increase the capacity if you buy an upgrade.
From time to time new cities will appear.
There are from time to time earthquakes. They can destroy some of your tracks. (An earthquake you hear may destroy no tracks at all or may even destroy several tracks)


Left click to start building rails. Move the mouse to the end of the desired track (which has to be straight without corners) and left click again.
To delete a track, perform the same action but click at the end with the right mouse button or press Space.
Scrollwheel: zoom
F5: generate a new map (Sorry, doesn't work in web, I didn't think about that…)
F8: disable audio


You will get money when:

  • a train arrives at it's destination
  • you delete tracks

You will spend money when:

  • you build tracks
  • trains have to wait
  • continuing for upkeep



  • blue: normal
  • red: a city without any tracks
  • green: normal
  • orange: waiting (either the destination isn't reachable or there are too many trains on the given track at the moment)
  • black: normal
  • red: there are too many trains on the given track

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