The Golden Sphere

A lone wanderer in the alps sees a big golden sphere and touches it. A voice then appears and gives him transformation capabilities: The wanderer can turn into a wolf or a turtle at will. He is given just one task: To reach the top of the nearby mountain.

This is a jump and run puzzle game that requires the player to use his available transformations to get ahead. It can be quite frustrating at times, so beware.

The most remarkable feature of this game is the implementation of voice acting. This was a new experience for all people involved in the development.

This game should provide you with more than 15 minutes of game play divided into eight interesting levels. Have fun!


Click the Golden Sphere in the menu to start the game :)

A / D - Walk left / right
W - Jump / Climb
W / S - Swim Up / Down
E - Interact
1 - Human Form
2 - Turtle Form
3 - Wolf Form
Enter - Skip Narration
P - Reset Level

Post Jam Fixes

  • If narration sound is disabled no subtitles were displayed
  • First Level was way too hard

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