Room 51

In a world, where one room seems to hold the key for unlimited power, help Merlin, a magic apprentice, save his besieged castle from inevitable doom after his master bites the dust. Join him on his quest to overcome challenges such as passive aggressiveness of people in power, long walking segments and most of all: bugs.
Seriously, though, things might be a little wonky. If you ever can’t properly interact with an object, try to approach it from different angles and keep attempting to interact.
Feel the excitement of long awkward dialogues, a barely developed medieval-punk world and a twist ending that nobody saw coming, because we literally just pulled it out of our ass.
Starring: A guy in a silly robe, a drunk guy, a fat guy, a quiet guy, a girl perpetually cleaning the same glass and Jake.

Coming soon to computers near you.

Playtime: 5 - 30 Minutes

WASD = move
F = interact
E = examine
Q = use item
C = show equipped item
R = cycle through items

Enter/Return = skip dialogue (might mess up some timings if you do it during the first cut scene)

Postjam 2016-12-13: add web port. In the web version the audio might not be synced correctly.

If you are stuck you can take a look at the solutions here:

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