Jojo's Little Adventure

External entry Made for MiniLD 52

  • Update: Added Windows version that includes DOSBox. Should make it easier for most people to play ;-)

Also I hear that only the svga_s3 video emulation seems to support the VESA mode I am using, so please set your DOSBox config accordingly (it was the default on all my DOSBox installations on Ubuntu, Debian and Arch Linux).

  • Update 2: I just noticed I introduced a minor bug in the last minutes before posting the game. If you die in level 1, the game says "You Win" instead of "You're Dead". If you press R or Enter as it says, it restarts the level as it should be. Only the message is wrong. Just ignore it please ;-)

This is the story of Jojo, a prototype optical lens that for some strange reason became sentient.

Also, he cannot survive direct exposure to laser beams, which made him quite useless as a lens, so his creators wanted to get rid of him. Luckily, he was able to escape and is now on the run.

The game is made for DOS computers with pretty good CPUs (I think a Pentium 90 would be the absolute minimum, but I have no real DOS computers to check it on, let me know if you have real old hardware!), a Soundblaster 16 and a VESA compatible graphics card. I think, 16MB of RAM should be enough, but I suggest using at least 32.

I wrote the video, sound and keyboard drivers myself, which took almost one half of the whole development time.

At the moment, there are only three levels, that show most (but not all) features of the game engine. I will make more levels if I get at least five comments from people who tell me to do it ;-)

I tested the game only on DOSBOX, in which it runs smoothly at 60000 cycles per second (no idea what that would be in real CPU core frequency).

The game elements should be pretty obvious I hope. Controls are WSAD or Cursor Keys to control Jojo, Q to quit and R to restart a level.

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