Jessie and Jack

External entry Made for Ludum Dare 30

Update: I added a version of the game packed with 7-zip that does not trigger Chrome's malware warning. It requires 7-zip to unzip though. Stupid browser.

Update 2: I moved the Windows .zip version to another server. Now Chrome only triggers a warning about an uncommon download but it doesn't delete the file right away :-)

This is the story of Jessie and Jack.

Jessie and Jack are siblings and "inventors". They "invented" a teleporter system and wanted to test run it. Too bad, they are just "inventors" and not inventors (without quotation marks). The test run created a rupture in the universe and cast them both into different parallel worlds.

But these worlds seem to be connected by their faulty teleporter, so they can at least transfer inanimate matter through the ruptures created by their "invention".


  • Cursor keys for movement.
  • Tab to switch between Jessie and Jack.
  • Ctrl to use the item in hand (fire weapon or use it with upgrade terminal, use keycard with terminal).
  • Enter to pick up or drop an item.
  • Drop items into rupture to teleport them to the other sibling.

The game is written in Love2D (0.9.1) and should run on all platforms (love runtime from or your Linux distributor is needed).

An executable for windows is provided for your convenience, no additional software required (but Chrome on Windows seems to think it's malware. Disable the malware filter or use another browser to download). This one also runs nicely in wine.

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