=== Notes ===

  • The enemies can be killed, but they take at least a couple of attacks. (Sorry, no HP bars)
  • You can die too, though you really have to try to.
  • I ran out of time, so enjoy the one full dungeon (+ the tutorial) :)
  • Yes, only two of the characters are playable.

=== Description ===
A turn-based dungeon crawler.
There are different elements and realms, with one character per each element.
The dungeon changes in different realms, and so do the obstacles in your path.

Each character uses a different skill when attacking / defending:
STRength / Fire - based on your typing precision.
DEXterity / Air - reflex-based DDR.

=== Controls ===

  • Mouse - Movement, interaction

  • Letters - the STR battle system

  • Arrow keys - the DEX battle system

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