one rooms

=== one rooms ===
A normal day turns weird. Solve word puzzles, defeat dyslexic kings, or play a game of Late shift. A point 'n click game made from scratch in 72 hours, featuring music by ibispi.

= Controls =
Click on the floor to walk there
Click on objects to interact with them
Hold down the left mouse button near the edges of the game screen to rotate the room
[spoiler] A to Z and enter to use the powers

= Notes =
A more complete version with more rooms, more music, more puzzles, and more voice over coming soon!
Also thinking of doing an SDL port for linux, or maybe a javascript version. I know flash is getting less popular by the minute.

= Update: javascript port =
I finished the javascript port post-jam. The game itself should be identical to the original jam version. I added this port because flash is apparently dying soonish, and people with linux had problems with it, etc. However, its performance might be drastically different from the flash version, depending on your browser. So far it seems the js version is generally slower, but if you can't use flash at all, I hope you find this useful.

= Update: timelapse! =

= gfycat demo =

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