Heroic Sex Bazooka

External entry Made for Ludum Dare 35

You are stuck in some weird place with a lot of boulders and hamburgers! Can you figure out how to escape?

Move around with arrow keys or WASD (and whatever it is on crazy azerty layouts etc)! You should be able to figure the rest out by playing!

/!\ WARNING /!\
The hitboxes are absolutely insane (that's Crafty.js for you), so move carefully or you'll keep pushing boulders around unintentionally. I'm trying to figure out if this is fixable.

/!\ NOTICE /!\
I have made a post-LD version with tile-based movement!
Pushing boulders is much less annoying now!
Find it here: https://gamedev.ninja/ld35/ (or in the link list below)

After spending 1½ days on the game and absolutely sure I would be able to turn it into a puzzle game somehow, I realised that I had forgotten any puzzle elements in the game design. With a few hours left I made the boulders pushable, and created doors that are toggleable by the buttons -- which were previously used to simply blow up the static boulders.

Please do try out the amazing level editor (scroll down in the embedded frame or on the Web link for instructions) which took most of the time and code to make! You can save the level and share its unique ID here, so other people can play your levels!

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