Jishin Panic!!

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Build a tower to save people of an imminent earthquake!


The goal is to contruct a tower and to save all people present. When your contruction is ready, let's launch the eartquake and verify your architect talent.


Only mouse. Drag and drop on connectors to create some plunk.


  • Project Management - Aurélien Defossez
  • Development - Aurélien Defossez (Physics), Sébastien Gaumin (VFX, UI)
  • Graphics - Sébastien Gaumin & free assets on opengameart.org.
  • Music & Sound Design - Sébastien Gaumin
  • Level Design - Aurélien Defossez
  • Chocolate bar eaten: 2

Comments (3)

 • 10 months ago  • 

Very funny, I spent alot of time on this! It's quire original.

Graphics are basics, but it's ok for clarity and fun. Sounds… I turned them off. Too repetitive, and earthquake fx could be better.

The interface is neat and quickly undertstood.
However I could not find if it's possible to delete or move a misplaced node.

7/10 overall as to me

 • 10 months ago  • 

Hey, this one is really good. Remidned me of the good ol' flash era with fantastic contraption, cover orange… Also tower of goo. You can refine this into somethign rpetty great!

 • 10 months ago  • 

Like bridge builder, but with towers! Well, many of these are actually more like bridges or upside down thingamajigs of some sort, I'm not so sure what happened in the last level.

Earthquake damage mitigation is a neat idea for a project like this. The quakes aren't that effective at topling these buildings, though. It must be rather strong material this wood everything is constructed from. Most of the time failure was caused by a mistake in the build phase as there is no way to undo an accidental node.

Works well. Looks alright. Not the most original core idea, yet the disaster death prevention angle is neat.

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Build a tower to save people of an imminent eartquake!


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