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Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

So, time is running!

I hope, everyone is doing great on their games!
Our project makes great progress. :)
The most obvious thning are probably the graphics. And then there is a whole set of gameplay mechanics which have been implemented:
Players can throw mines now, a level is loaded, collisions, a win/loose condition, a sudden death mode once the timer is over, …

The level is actually just a 32x24 image with the r,g and b values encoding different types of tile types, like which player spawns where, if it is a normal, wall or breakable tile and so on. Implementing this is super easy and creating levels is really fun then. So I hope I can push out some more levels quickly at the end of the jam.

I hope I get some of the larger issues (win screen with some statistics, nice join screen, some player traces) out of the way tonight, as tomorrow will be quite packed with "non-jam" stuff (so to say an unjammed day ;) ).

14h in progress 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Hi everyone!

With more than a quarter of the time passed it is time for the first update.

Unfortunately xXBloodyOrange dropped out of the team due to an intensive schoolwork spike this weekend.

After the great opening ceremony yesterday evening we sat down for brainstorming. Actually we all hoped for the "little robot workers" theme, but well…
So we decided to go for a couch multiplayer game where the players become invisible after a short time. You have to beat the enemies by throw mines and you have to remeber/guess where everyone is (including you).

Yesterday evening my teammates went to the cinema (I skipped because I am still a little bit sick) and I started to work on input and a joining-screen wich came out pretty nice yesterday.
Today I woke up early (and refreshed) and started to work on movement and controls. Tile based movement as well as throwing mines is working so far. (beautiful programmers art)

Now I crave for breakfast and after that I will set up player death, chain reactions and an actual level.

12 hours in: call for blog posts 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Good morning jammers!

We hope everyone is doing great and has a good time working on their games.

Whether you got some sleep or pulled an all-nighter or started late, we are not 12 hours in.
Everyone would like to see some progress on other peoples games and hereby we announce a call for blog-posts! Just click here to do so.
Where are you taking the theme? Which tools do you use? solo or team? And everyone loves to see images or gifs of gameplay mechanics starting to come to live or beautiful glitches and funny bugs. Pictures of food, pets, memes also get a great share of love as well as sharing your progress on audio or soundeffcts!
As it is saturday you should take advantage of #screenshotsaturday and post your progress also on Twitter #alakajam.

If any question or issue with the site or jam arises, do not hesitate to look for the support thread or as a question there in the comment section!

Happy jamming! :3

And the theme is "YOU CAN'T SEE EVERYTHING" 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

The 2nd Alakajam has started! Let's make awesome games!


The end of the jam is depending on whether you pick ranked or unranked:

  • ranked: Feb 25th 9:00pm 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 48 hours
  • unranked: Feb 26th 9:00pm 10:00pm UTC, which means you have a bit more than 72 hours

After the jam you have one hour of submission time

We all enjoyed the awesome opening ceremony created by Aurel300 and DanaePlays . If you missed it, you can still find it at Danae's Twitch channel.

And the theme is "YOU CAN'T SEE EVERYTHING"


Playing a game of hide and seek is a lot of fun, not only to kids. There are video games also relying on this: Invisigun Heros.

Cool things to do during the jam

gl hf to all of you and see you on the other side!

Opening Ceremony live 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Join us for the opening ceremony at:

2nd Alakajam Opening Ceremony 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

The 2nd Alakajam will start in just half a week and preparations are coming together nicely!
Up until now the jam already got quite some attention for theme submission and voting, on Twitter, reddit and a whole bunch of "I am in posts" here on the website!

Opening Ceremony Friday, Feb 23rd, 6:30pm

The 2nd Alakajam will start on Friday, Feb 23rd 7pm UTC. @Wan and @Aurel300 are frantically working on an opening ceremony hosted by Aurel300 and DanaePlays, which will take place at Danae's twitch Channel at 6:30pm.
Starting with the lowest ranked themes of the shortlist, themes will be discarded out one after another until the final theme will be announced at 7pm.

What to do now

  • If you have not yet voted on the theme shortlist, do so now.
  • Write an "I am in post" here on the blog to introduce yourself or your team.
  • Spread the word about Alakajam on twitter, reddit or any other social media network. #alakajam
  • Join us for the opening ceremony with the theme unveiling

Team runvs is in again 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

Hi jammers!

We are going to take part in the 2nd alakajam. We were really amazed by the first alakajam in autumn 2017, where we had a lot of fun and Alchemy Guy was created.
This time we decided to get some additional help with graphics. Therefore "we" are:

  • xXBloodyOrange (Twitter) will be doing awesome pixel art. You can check out some of that at the twitter account.
  • Thunraz (Twitter) will be doing code.
  • Laguna (Twitter) will be doing code and music/sfx.

Last time we experimented a litte bit with unity3d and 3d first person game. Normally we create 2d games with beatiful programmer's art (aka "moving boxes") or pixel art.
This time, we will be going "back to the roots" using Haxe and Haxeflixel as well as FlashDevelop as an IDE and git for version control. Graphics will be done with Aseprite and sound will be done using SFXR and Reaper.

If you want to see what other project we did (mostly solo 1hgj by me), we would be pleased if you checkout our website.

gl, hf to everyone and see you on the other side!

Shortlist voting started 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

During the last week the magnificent number of almost 200 theme suggestions have been submitted and a total of more than 7000 votes were cast.

Now the second round of theme voting starts: Shortlist voting! This means theme submission is no longer possible for the 2nd Alakajam.
For the next week the shortlist voting will be active. In this phase, the ten most popular themes from the first phase will be up for everyones ranking. Here you can not simply up- or down-vote theme suggestions, but create a ranked list.

If you have not done yet, create an "I am in" Post. What tools are you using? Did you take part in previous gamejams? Tell the community a little bit about you and your goals for the upcoming 2nd Alakajam!

Theme voting and submission opened 3

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

The 2nd Alakajam will happen between Feb 23rd to 25th. Until then the theme voting happens. The theme for the jam will be decided by the community. That means, you can submit themes you like and vote for the themes of other participants. All you have to do is to create an account and start to submit and rate themes.

The voting process

  • For one week (starting Feb 9th) you can submit up to three theme suggestions. Everyone else will be able to rate your suggestions positively or negatively.
  • After one week (at Feb 16th) suggestions will be closed. The top ten themes will be made public and everybody can vote for them in order of preference.
  • The final theme will be announced with the launch of the jam (at Friday Feb 23rd, 7pm) with an announcement video.

Things to do

Welcome to the 2nd Alakajam 0

Laguna • 4 years ago on 2nd Alakajam! 

The 2nd Alakajam is going to happen February 23rd to 25th! This gives you the opportunity to make your game, from scratch, in just a weekend.
It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or a total beginner, if you like video games and are motivated to create your very own game, keep reading.


  • Feb 9th to Feb 23rd: Theme selection. You can submit theme suggestions for the jam and vote for all other suggestions. (Note: this closes two days early to give us time to produce the announcement video)
  • Feb 23rd 7pm UTC: The jam is live. And it starts with the theme unveiling at 7pm UTC.
    You can join either for the competition or the unranked jam.
  • Feb 23rd to Feb 25th: You want to join the full competition? These are your (or your team's) 48 hours to create an awesome game.
  • Feb 23rd to Feb 26th: If you are not in for the competetive aspect or want to go for a relaxed weekend, you can create a game during the 72 hours of the unranked jam.
  • Feb 25th to Mar 11th: Playing other's games and voting. For two weeks all entrants are invited to play, rate and comment on other peoples games.
  • Mar 11th: The results from game voting are released and the winners are crowned!


All rules can be found under the help tab:

Alakajam rules

How to enter

Entering the 2nd Alakajam is easy! Just decide whether you want to do the competition (48 hours) or join the unranked jam (72 hours). All you need to do is to create an account. Then you can enter the event, suggest themes and/or vote for themes and submit your game after the jam.

It would be nice if you share a small "I am in" blog post presenting yourself or your team. What language, engine and tools will you use to create an awesome game? What are your expectations for the jam? Let us and the community know!
And if you are using Twitter or Reddit, spread the word about the 2nd Alakajam.