Day 2 Begins 0

TimBeaudet • 8 days ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Ball Guys: Ship It!

For the first day I was at work-work at the start of the Jam and after I got out I had 4 hours before bed. This Alakajam event is aimed at testing my physics engine in a real-world game situation. In the first few hours I hooked my level-editor up to work on the project and loaded a level into the world. Then I got the physics engine fired up and created volumes for the objects in the level.

I started working on camera/player movement, but really didn't get far and was not happy with the results, so first on today's list will be creating an orbital camera then figuring out the crazy maths to get the player moving in the right directions the way I envision.

Come watch me live on twitch! and say hello!

Florida Man is In! 4

TimBeaudet • 13 days ago on 10th Alakajam! entry  Ball Guys: Ship It!


As normal I will be streaming all my developments on so follow there!

The themes seem to be a swarm around sailing on a ship over the waves of the ocean. The clouds will come from wind and rain on your paths to the moon. Travel with your map so separation is not a problem. Play your cards right and this generation will swap chains like clockwork.

Not sure the themes are fun but I will be testing out my new physics engine which barely has balls working.


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Turtle Brains GameDev Framework
  • Internal Combustion Engine 3D/Physics


  • Sara (cat)
  • Monky (birb)
  • Indie (dog)

Battle Station

I am LIVE programing a tool for my custom C++ engine! 0

TimBeaudet • 3 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Cutscene Editor (unfinished)

For this Alakajam I am focused on creating a Cutscene Editor tool for my framework; Turtle Brains. It will be a fully featured editor with undo/redo and the ability to manipulate time and space for the sprites and objects that build a cutscene. With this tool I plan to make a very small game from cutscenes I create while testing.

Come join live and see what it is all about;

Tools being used:
Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code
Custom Framework

I am in with ... Turbo Boom! 0

TimBeaudet • 1 year ago on 7th Alakajam! entry  Turbo Boom! Towering Edition

I will be working on my long term project for the unranked division. Specifically focusing the effort on level design, perhaps even with Towers in mind.

As is typical I will be streaming all the development at for those interested in joining!

The Theme for the 5th Alakajam is: SPELLCASTING 2

TimBeaudet • 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! 

The race to the finish for Alakajam 5 has officially started.

Choose Your Deadline

Ranked: February 24th at 19:00 UTC
Unranked: Febraury 25th at 19:00 UTC

You can work right up to the deadline as there is a submission hour after.

Keep In Mind

  • Sleep normally, eat regularly, drink lots of water and take breaks!
  • Keep your scope small and limited!
  • Share your progress by posting here, and using #alakajam on twitter.
  • Dev Safe, Have Fun and Good Luck!

Almost time for the 5th Alakajam!! 0

TimBeaudet • 1 year ago on 5th Alakajam! 

Hello Alakajammers, it is your host TimBeaudet!

If you haven't yet, START YOUR ENGINES! 🚗🚘 It is now time to sort the top-10 themes into the order you most wish them to be.

Joining us this weekend? Then write up your very own "I am In" post. Let everyone know who you are, what tools you use and what theme you wish to win! 🏁

Drive safe, have fun and good luck!

Tombstone Boo! Publicly Released 0

TimBeaudet • 1 year ago on 4th Alakajam! entry  Tombstone Boo!

Hello Alakajammers!

I've finished polishing up the game and released the spooktacular game for FREE on checkout the game trailer and give it a quick play, what score can you manage? I've got a 2440! Can you?

If anyone has the patience to try, does the authorization with your account work? (no need to donate unless you really wish to, doing so gives a thank-you sign)

I'm In for AlakaJam 4! 1

TimBeaudet • 1 year ago on 4th Alakajam! 

Will again be participating in an unranked fashion as I'll be working with the art I'm creating for Tombstone Boo! and tossing the game together during the jam weekend.

I will be using:

  • TurtleBrains, my C++ framework for rapid 2D game development.
  • Photoshop, for arts and things.
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Audacity
  • Twitch for live streaming

Always Growing Code Counts! 0

TimBeaudet • 2 years ago on 3rd Alakajam! 

Yesterday I grew 995 of code for the User Interface Kit in TurtleBrains:

Live streaming the development, how many more lines will I grow today?

What is this programmer always growing??? 2

TimBeaudet • 2 years ago on 3rd Alakajam! 

Game Development tools are always growing in this development arena, and this weekend is no exception. I will be working on the TurtleBrains game dev framework Interface kit for user interfaces; buttons, checkbox, dropdowns and the like for use in actual games.

Come join the fun on live stream at: