The Jamician 6 months ago on 5th Alakajam!

If you plan to either stream your development or do video reviews of the submitted games, let us know in the comment section! We'll update this page accordingly.

Development streams/videos

Link                                   Description Site
DaFluffyPotato Live Solo Division development Twitch
duel_05 Game development videos YouTube

Let's plays & event coverage

Link                                      Description Game selection Site
DanaePlays Coverage of the jam launch, teaming up with @Aurel300! Twitch
DanaePlays Let's play Alakajam games with @Aurel300! Next slot: Wednesday 27th, 19:00 UTC Chat requests Twitch
TigerJ My stream will start 1 hour after the unranked submission time. Follow me and bring your games here Chat requests Twitch
MrJoshuaMcLean I'm streaming games from Alakajam (and Brackeys) […] Drop by to submit your game and get some feedback. :D Chat requests Twitch

Comments (5)

5 months ago

I am going to be posting videos of game development on YouTube. @Wan

5 months ago

I'll probably stream the majority of my dev. I'm gonna take a break to start getting ideas tho.

5 months ago

im sorry I didn't record. I wasn't even able to finish my game in time. Then Unity broke and I can't do the Unranked =(

5 months ago

@duel_05 Sorry to hear you couldn't finish your game… Better luck next time!

5 months ago

Once again we'll be streaming AKJ games with @DanaePlays – tomorrow at 19:00 UTC!

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