Rardo 7 months ago on 4th Alakajam entry CubeBallFall

I feel like a teacher that has finally finished marking a classes exams, But in a good way.
I have downloaded 1.2GB of games and my Antivirus' ignore button has been getting a lot of love ;) It's been fun!

Having waded through all the Solo, Team and Unranked games and have quite enjoyed seeing the diverse approaches to the theme 'Falling'.
It even took me until hour 20 to come up with my own approach to the theme for my entry.
So anyway, I've figured I'd give a little run through of some of the little gems I found, that stood out for me as I went through.

**From Autnum to Winter - ** @remco

So there were a few games that took on the Falling Leaf idea. The one that really stood out for me was "From Autnum to Winter" (typo included) where you control the wind and its flow. Blowing the leaves and rain around and around. Not too easy for me. But it was relaxing and frustrating all rolled into one. It's an unranked game but worth a little play.

**Buraco - ** @Chandalf, @Bsinmais, @Lafraga

I loved the simplicity of this, a single ball lights up this shaft as you fall down into it. controlling only the angle of the platforms, bouncing and nudging the ball further down. I must admit, I never made it to the end. I will be returning to it for another go, that's for sure.

**It's Raining Cubes - ** @JulienKuhn, @Raivk

This is a very nice looking game. They were a little late getting the images posted but now its presented as good as the game is. The single colour level design reminds me of games like Super Hot. Its fun running and dashing around avoiding the red cubes. Just be quick as they might blow up your only way out.

If you haven't already get over there and drop them a rating.

**Falling In Love - ** @sebastianscaini, @Flatterp, @birdpun

There were a few 'Love' themed games here too, who'd of thought you were all so lovey-dovey around here, it's not even February ;)
My favourite was "Falling In Love". Try as I might I can't seem to win this thing. replying to the conversation, trying to avoid the crystal rocks with this tongue-tied pair was pushing my multitasking ability. I guess its just never meant to be.

**Boostone Tomb! - ** @tsjost

Based on Tim Beaudet's Halloween Game "Tombstone Boo" and smashed out in literally the final hour of the jam. Its a little addictive in the classic kind of dodge'em game way. I wonder if it would have been any better if he had the other 47 hours.

So that's enough from me, please note this is by no means the best of the best, just a few I wanted to hilight.
If you haven't already get out there and check out the games, Not just these but all the submissions.

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7 months ago

Awesome effort!

7 months ago

Oh wow, impressive! Thanks for the write-up too :D

7 months ago

Thank you for the kind words and the work you put in :-)
(… now I'd better get on with playing & commenting myself, I've only done 3 so far!)

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