Whoops! Music was missing 2

Raindrinker 2 years ago on 4th Kajam entry BDSM (Bomb Defusal Squad Machines)

I just realised the music was not there on the version of BDSM that was uploaded. There is now! It's music generated by a web that uses AI to create background music, so it's as fitting with the theme as it can possibly be.

Maybe you find it useful for your games -> https://www.jukedeck.com/make/tracks/browse

Just wanted to share! :D

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 • 2 years ago  • 

Argh the registration form for that music generator is broken. It's free right? Do you have any idea what is the license that comes with such tracks? If permissive enough I'd like to add it to this page.

   • 2 years ago  • 

I got it for free, I don't remember it being such a hassle. I think its free of license for our purposes? https://www.jukedeck.com/licensing

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