Wan • on 2nd Kajam

The 24 days of the 2nd Kajam, focusing on Sound Effects, have passed by. Congrats to the entrants!

Due to the low entry count, we have decided to bypass the voting phase and just end the jam as is. Everyone is a winner! We're leaving entry submissions open throughout the end of the month for any late entrant.

Until the next jam, go check the submitted games and make sure to leave a comment on them!

See you next year and… Happy holidays to all! :)

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(@CMLSC) • 4 months ago

Remember, the next theme should be RNG. :3

4 months ago

@CMLSC We're keeping it for the day you'll host a Kajam! *wink wink*

(@CMLSC) • 4 months ago

@Wan wot

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