HuvaaKoodia 2 years ago on 1st Alakajam! entry Alchemy And Appraisal

So the ratings are out and I don't exactly agree on the results. My top overall ratings, for those interested:


Chrysopoeia (9.00)
The Hermetic Order Of Alchemists (8.00)
Mixium (8.00)
Sil the Alchemist (8.00)
The Six Keys to the Philosopher's Stone (8.00)

Three puzzles in the top 5, what has befallen me?


The Wanderer (7.00)
Modern Alchemy (7.00)
Transformist (7.00)

Considerably lower averate score for team entries this time. There were only 15 of them, which might explain it.


But this is not about the top titles, you see I always play and comment on as many entries as I can in a jam (this time all of the 58!) For me the best projects are those that don't simply make me think critically, but also make me realize something or remind me of an interesting design.

This time there was one of those, the last title I played, an unranked, fake themed entry:

Redshirt's Escape

So what did I realize? Even exploring an empty, abandoned complex can be exciting with a ticking clock of impending doom in the background. Also reminded me of an older design I haven't gotten to prototyping yet, concerning a rogue AI in a spacestation, so that's good.

Great jam, worth repeating.

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