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Wan • 3 months ago on 10th Alakajam! 

The Jamician, mascot and protector of our community, has recently challenged his evil twin known as the Jellymancer… And lost ownership of Alakajam! in the process. After some drama, this has just been confirmed by the Jamician themselves, concluding the controversy about the challenge results. In case you missed the events that led up to it, here is what was previously on Alakajam!

A disturbance in the jam

The 10th Alakajam! has been host to unusual announcements, starting with a mysterious tweet several weeks before the jam. When theme submissions started, surprise changes where made from the usual rules, with the theme submission limit raised to 10, in the name of "chaos". It became clear that Alakajam! had been broken into by a mysterious character.

The second phase of the theme selection saw 20 themes shortlisted instead of 10, with the list itself getting shortened one theme at a time as the jam got closer. The Jellymancer then decided the jam would have not one, but three available themes:

The Jamician's Challenge

During @DanaePlays and @Aurel300's jam launch stream, The Jamician took a chance at getting rid of his opponent, by challenging him to a gaming tournament. In the competition, three games from the jam would be played by everyone for a few days. The Jellymancer would compete in it, and commit to leave the community alone in case of a defeat… while victory would make him the owner of the jam.

When the tournament took place, the Jellymancer only posted modest scores and it seemed clear that the players had managed to beat him fair and square. But in the last moments of the competition — in an evil twist fitting of the Jellymancer — he posted much more skillful scores, including a controversial top spot at the Square Maps game.

His surprise victory triggered a lengthy investigation… Before The Jamician finally had to accept the victory of his opponent.

And this is how Alakajam! came to be… in the hands of C H A O S

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