The game ratings phase is on 4

Wan • 4 months ago on 10th Alakajam! 

For the next two weeks, all entrants are be able to give ratings on other games. Take some time to play & rate games, and even better write some feedback about it! Getting constructive feedback is one of the best ways to learn and improve one's game design skills, so please dish it out in buckets. While people who didn't enter the event cannot rate games, they can still post reviews.

By rating & commenting (even on Unranked entries), you will gain Karma that will make your game more visible to others. A high Karma gives you more chances to get ratings yourself and reach the minimum of 8 to be classified. Otherwise, you will not get a final ranking!

On October 4th, at 7pm UTC the final results will be released and the winners crowned :)

Go go go! Play and rate games!

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 • 4 months ago • 

maybe update the link in the blog post to point to the 10th instead of the 8th?

  • 4 months ago • 

@TheGrumpyGameDev fixed, thanks for pointing it out

 • 4 months ago • 


the minimum of 10 to be classified

Shouldn't that say 8?

  • 4 months ago • 

@AaronBacon updated. We indeed lowered the minimum a bit, by experience 10 could leave some people out with the current amount of entries.

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