My First Alakajam! Composer wanting to collab & make some music for this jam 2

bravura_music • 5 days ago on 10th Alakajam! 

Well hello there

I'm offering my services as a composer (no payment required of course) this weekend, to get involved in the 10th Alakajam!

If you're a dev and cooking a lil sutt'n up this weekend that you think… hmmm…. would be nice to have some TASTY AUDIO to go with these DELICIOUS VISUALS then I might be your guy :D

Limited portfolio at, these are mostly combat tracks for Action genre. Just to give you some examples - I can compose for most genres and styles :)

Let's talk if you're interested (

Best o' luck to everyone this weekend!

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 • 2 days ago • 

I really like what I've heard on your portfolio.
Unfortunatly we already have a composer for this Week-End. Don't hesitate to come and join us on the discord (, there is a channel for people looking for a team ;)

(@negative_harmony)  • 1 day ago • 

Thank you :) I only just saw this, so probably cutting it a bit fine now :P

I'll join the group anyway, seems like a good place to meet some folks. Thanks for the link

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