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Raccoon_JS 1 year ago on 6th Alakajam! entry Connect the Wounds

Hello everyone. First timer here.

Tomorrow will be the 6th Alakajam!. I am both nervous and anxious about what to come less than 24 hours.

Previously, I have participated in Ludum Dare last year. And I thought about participating in LD more, but because of my school works, I couldn't do so. The recent LD themes are, in my opinion, really good and I felt bummed out for not making games based on these themes. Hopefully this game jam would make up for what I missed a couple of months.

I will also participating Extra Credits Game Jam #4 this weekend where I make a games under 100 hours. Since ECGJ and Alakajam overlaps eachother, I got to combine two soon-proposed themes together.

Whether if this task is difficult or not, but the result would hopefully be unique and bizzare. As long as I am relaxed and let my creativity flow, I could make this game.

The tools and engine I will be using are:

  • Godot Game Engine 3.1.1.
  • GIMP
  • Krita
  • Audacity
  • (maybe) Bosca Ceoil
  • (maybe) BFXR
  • (maybe) PxTone
  • (maybe) Beepbox
  • (maybe) LMMS

And also, I will be keeping track my progress on my page. (

And here is the github for the project. (

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Between both themes and your goal to make a bizarre game, I'm looking forward to see how you combine all these constraints. It should be fun! Welcome and good luck :)

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