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Wade through the wizard's swamp in search of Gems, but beware the guardian towers and trust nothing that makes its home in the thick mud.
by voxel
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
There's only one way to fight Replicants: flee the galaxy!
A.G. Hope
by Wan, Thrainsa
on 3rd Alakajam! Team
Metrodvania-Like about Flappy Beard the Alchemist
Flappy Beard
by rnlf
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
Get coins. Avoid bullets and mines. Shoot down the enemies. Don't get off the screen.
Stay in
by SadaleNet
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Use your set of beakers to mix your ingredients in the right proportions and create magical artifacts!
by thomastc
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
Chose what you can see.
You Can't See Everything at Once
by sebastianscaini, EternalStormfire, Supermooper123, coleycaves
on 2nd Alakajam! Team
Escape shoddy workmanship!
Pyramid Peril
by HuvaaKoodia, SUOMAR
on 4th Alakajam Team
In an attempt to find love, Liam turns to Alchemy to create the Potion of Love. The only thing is, Liam knows nothing about Alchemy... and Alchemy's a dangerous business!
One True Love: The Alchemy Between Us
by brainoidgames, HonestDan, Otixa
on 1st Alakajam! Team
Horde Arcade PixelArt Game with a fun button twist
by pablotomico, RubenOsorio
on 1st Alakajam! Team
Puzzle game where you must unravel the secret formula for the destilation of the most relinquished item in the history of alchemy: the Philosopher's Stone.
The Six Keys to the Philosopher's Stone
by Filo
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
fight stuff in a forest or something
Spellcaster's Forest
by DaFluffyPotato
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
Conspiracies all the way! Roguelike dungeon crawl.
████████ – Where's █████th @ ?
by Aurel300
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
Blind maze - Proceed through all the mazes using your ears to detect obstacles
by RocketStorm
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo
Spell casting, literally...
Can You Even
by Antti Haavikko
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
Omg! Thiefs are stealing parking lot! Again!
Omg they stealing parking lot!
by Tbohdan
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Gems, lava, ledges, timers, platformer.
by Aurel300
on 4th Alakajam Team
Wrap your head around this
Portable Looping Machine
by bradur
on 4th Alakajam Solo
A game about playing Solitaire at work while keeping your boss happy.
PROCRASTINAIRE: Solitairy Confinement
by dorkulon, cloakedninjas, treslapin
on 3rd Alakajam! Team
Word-based puzzle adventure
Runnink out of Space
by Aurel300
on 5th Kajam Ranked
A semi-simple color mixing game. Make sure to satisfy your customers, buddy pal.
by Toffie
on 1st Alakajam! Solo