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My futile attempt to make a doom clone in a month
A doomed kajam entry
by bitrot
on 7th Kajam Ranked
A Hyper-Casual game about avoiding the communist squares
Quick Dash
by TheTacticalBanana
on 6th Kajam Ranked
Minimalistic Tower Defense
by Raindrinker
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
Platform-writing game where you can cast a spell by writing it!
by havana24
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
Infect all species
by benjamin
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
Make gold from leaves
by benjamin
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
Sword of Sight
by Wan, Thrainsa
on 2nd Alakajam! Team
A small platformer with a bit of magic.
by ToffieBoey
on 5th Alakajam! Solo
a roguelite falling game... idk
Spike Dungeon
by DaFluffyPotato
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Fall in love while falling to your death.
Falling In Love
by birdpun, Flatterp, sebastianscaini
on 4th Alakajam Team
Throw yourself around in the depths.
Depth Kid
by ToffieBoey
on 4th Alakajam Solo
A kinda hard platformer where moss grows everywhere you go.
Moss Step
by ToffieBoey
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
You're the chief demolitions expert! Bring down buildings while avoiding collateral damage!
by thomastc
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Master the alchemical processes of The Hermetic Order of Alchemists!
The Hermetic Order of Alchemists
by Somnium
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
An action game based on reflexes and spellcasting
Wardens of Magic
by OddvarLookus
on 5th Alakajam! Team
Destroy your opponent's tower and make him fall to the ground in utter embarrassment
Wizard duels
by dollarone
on 4th Alakajam Solo
Free 999.3kB on the disk to play your game
by Wan
on 5th Kajam Ranked
Explore substances, combine them, find recipes, talk to mighty deities, and more!
The Last Scholar
by Aurel300
on 1st Alakajam! Solo
London is burning! Can you tame the ever-expanding fire?
The Great Fire
by thomastc
on 3rd Alakajam! Solo
You hate being looked at. Make sure nobody can stare at you while you try to get the lollipop!
Lollipop Ninja
by DaFluffyPotato
on 2nd Alakajam! Solo